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We have received a report from the NTSB regarding the Bugatti 100P crash on August 6, 2016. You can use the links below for more information.


Why would anyone undertake to build a replica of an airplane that never flew and for which there are no known plans and few relevant drawings? We could make a good argument for building a replica Bugatti 100P based solely upon its heritage. After all, Ettore Bugatti built only one airplane.

But there is more to this airplane than its link to Ettore Bugatti, who collaborated with Louis de Monge on what was to be the last major project for either man.


To build and fly a replica of the Bugatti 100P, the most elegant and technologically-advanced airplane or private jet flights Italy of its time.


To recreate – and share with others – the brief period in the  late 1930s when Ettore Bugatti and Louis de Monge collaborated to create this singularly unique airplane.


A commitment to honoring the memory of those who designed and built this business jets.