The Bugatti 100P aircraft design is very unique and has a timeless art deco beauty that marries seamlessly with a wide variety of objects, products and services. Given the diversity of the Bugatti 100P project, the history of the aircraft, the exciting, romantic and dramatic events surrounding the Bugatti 100P as well as the considerable inherent value of the Bugatti name association, having an association to the Bugatti 100P Brand provides for a valuable and unique opportunity.

The Bugatti100P aircraft, and with that the Project and Story, is available for association and branding opportunities. The aircraft can be appropriately displayed, photographed and used for many events such as Air shows, Car shows etc. as well as other branding and sponsorship opportunities. The aircraft is currently kept in Oklahoma. The aircraft is capable of being transported world wide. Limited flight opportunities are available although the aircraft is best displayed in a static configuration.

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