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“At Last: Bugatti’s Airplane Flies After 75 Years” – Vintage Airplane Magazine May/June 2016
A brief history of the Bugatti 100P, up to and including Scotty Wilson’s latest flight.

Pegasus Issue 32, Summer 2015
Newsletter of the Bugatti Aircraft Association.

“Bugatti 100P: Bleu de Ligne et de Coeur” – Info-Pilote, December 2015
French language article about the Bugatti 100P project.

Pegasus Issue 31, Autumn 2014
Newsletter of the Bugatti Aircraft Association.

“French Racing Blue” – Air & Space, September 2014
A brief history of the aircraft, leading up to Scotty Wilson’s Bugatti 100P Project.

On a Wing and a Prayer” – Octane Magazine, May 2014
An article produced by Octane Magazine on the reproduction of the Bugatti 100p.

“Ettore Bugatti’s 100p” – Flyer Magazine, June 2014
Le Rêve Bleu – the Blue Dream – is a project to build a flying replica of the elegant 1930s’ 100P racing aircraft designed by Ettore Bugatti, but never flown…

White Papers

Bugatti100P Landing Gear Analysis by João Paulo Pinto
In this report João Paulo Pinto present a method for the computation of the kinematics and dynamics of the Bugatti100P landing gear retraction system. He uses this method to study the landing gear retraction cycle.

Bugatti100P Compression Tube Sizing Report
In this report, engineer Frank Van Dalen examines methods to restore the load path interrupted by the fuselage cut-out for the wing spar carry-through structure.

Bugatti100P Bugatti 100P Longitudinal Stability RevA
In this report, Mike Cavanaugh examines the aerofoil to determine figures such as the stall speeds and the horizontal stability of the aircraft.

Bugatti100P Bugatti 100P Longitudinal Stick Forces RevA
In this report, Mike Cavanaugh looks at how the forces on the stick will vary depending on speed and centre of gravity.

The Bugatti 100p Reproduction – Propellers
A brief article explaining how the Bugatti 100p reproduction propellers were designed.

Measurement of Unknown Aerofoils
An independent study to measure the wing shape performed in support of the construction and flight of the Bugatti 100P aircraft.

Analysis of the Thrust Bearing Structure
Brief article explaining some of the problems encountered when analysing how the thrust loads were taken by the airframe.

Bugatti 100P Structures
An examination of the construction methods utilised by the original aircraft designers and the builders of the modern day replica

Performance valuation of the Bugatti 100p
A French language study of the performance aspects of the Bugatti 100p carried out by the Polytechnic Institute of Advanced Science. There is an English language abstract on the final page

Testing the Mini Imp
The builder of the Mini Imp gives some insights into some of the problems and solutions encountered when building this novel aircraft.

Feasibility of GRP bolted wood connections
A short paper investigating the use of fiberglass reinforcement to enhance the load-carrying capacity of bolted wood connections.